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SILDENAFIL - ORAL (sill-DEN-uh-fil) COMMON BRAND NAME(S): Kamagra. This medication is used to treat male sexual function problems (erection problems).

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Kamagra online italia [ edit ] At first glance, it is not very convincing. The site is a bunch of text, broken into sections and links. For example, one section talks about generic "Pregna", but then links to generic "Pregna". And then there are generic products such as "Gottmund", which is generic for "dental", but then also links to a full generic "Pregna". Another part of the site is filled with links and instructions on how to buy prescription drugs, most of the time with same generic product the name as generic. These generic pharmaceuticals are then linked back to one of dozens pharmacies located throughout Italy. It is very obvious that the generic products are not actually generic, since they are very close to the original generic products. Kamagra 90 Pills 100mg $361 - $4.01 Per pill Therefore, price is the same no matter brand. Possible answers [ edit ] There might be two explanations that fit the information above. Either websites were copied and pasted from generic pharma websites (e.g., or the information was added by a spam bot. Fake generic sites [ edit ] Fake generic sites are websites that trying to sell generic drugs but do not have a real connection to prescription drug website. They are usually sites with generic pharmaca links. There are numerous other fake generic sites in existence. It is hard to tell if they are used to illegally sell drugs or just to be funny and spam free. Fake or copied prescription drug websites [ edit ] There are websites that copy real prescription drug web pages and pretend to be generic websites. The site content is usually same as generic web pages, though they may have some of the website templates available for download, or are simply created from copies of the legitimate web pages. For example, there is a site called (Italian for "Vizpaja"), which is actually a website for Vazza Pharma in Italy, but they copy all the pictures from generic drug web pages. Often, these sites appear to be generic, but use any variations of certain text on the generic site that is not part of the real web page design. Many of the clones also pretend to be generic, even when they are not, like this one: ( Italian site) or this one: (Italian site) Generic pharma sites [ edit ] Pharmaceutical companies produce their own branded generic versions of their drugs, using own marketing techniques. There is so much similarity between generic pharmaceutical products that, even though in many instances they are still different, most generic products sold around the world are in an almost identical form, and so can be called "generic". There are millions and of different pharmaceutical drugs produced worldwide per year, and millions of times each day they are distributed and marketed to their customers. Generic pharmaceutical products are typically more cost effective, require less waste, and are easier to produce (if not as efficient in some respects branded pharmaceuticals), and are generally cheaper. In fact, all generic products could be produced by generic pharmaceutical companies under either name or brand name, and then sold at the cost they them to produce (compared branded pharmaceuticals). Of course, this implies that there is almost no reason to make any generic drug that costs very little in the first place, unless your pharma company is willing to spend the extra money make it as efficient possible in the factories, and at same time you are willing to buy all the medicine directly kamagra online order from them. This allows pharmaceutical companies to save money on the prices of their medications by not having to make a generic version of the drug, and allows them to increase their profit margin by eliminating the brand name, and thus to keep the patient in hands of same brand with each prescription. Even though the terms generic and name mean the same thing in some countries around the world, online pharmacy degree in canada in others it is possible to have two different brands/formularies of the same type drug. For example, the drug Glucophage will require a generic name if taken orally; in Canada, the generic name is Glucophage XL. If taken on an injection, the generic name will be Glucophage. (To help distinguish Glucophage from XL in the United States, generic name is also written as Glucophage XL). While each country or region has different criteria to determine if a generic pharmaceutical product is product, typically in Europe, North America and Australia a generic product is considered to be generic if: is the only equivalent generic drug available for a given drug, and is made in the same way as original. in this way, a generic product will most likely not be.

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